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Independent Training Improves Your Student Outcomes

Outside consultants can be a cost effective solution to provide essential training for educators.

Don't Put This Off: What You Need to Know About Procrastination

Everyone has procrastinated from time to time. Putting off tasks that you don't want to do or that are annoying to accomplish creates its own joy in the moment–but can create a lot of stress down the road and impact performance at school and work.

Don't Forget About Your Resolutions. Improving Your Executive Function Skills Can Help You Remember.

The new year is a great time to turn over a new leaf. Keeping your New Year's Resolutions can be harder than making them, and that's probably especially true for anyone diagnosed with #ADHD, neurodiverse conditions, or who simply never developed executive function skills.

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Recommended Books

Even professionals need help! Here's a look at some of the books Dr. Jo relies on for helping new clients.