Experience That Matters

Dr. Abramo has worked with a variety of students and professionals, each with a unique set of needs and challenges. Every curriculum is customized, designed, and personalized to fulfill the particular needs of the client. After building the individualized plan, Dr. Abramo will work through the system and introduce specialists when necessary to ensure the best results. 

Below are selected examples of the work and success Dr. Abramo has achieved.


"Joanna provides comprehensive special education tutoring for our eight-year-old son. Her thoughtful and wise recommendations and guidance has improved his academic engagement and tolerance, and given us language and strategies to impact his public school’s individualized education program."

High School Student

“She has taught me new writing and study skills and we have great conversations.”

College Student
New York City

“I highly recommend her as a tutor, especially because she makes you feel like her friend and brings levity to each session. My experience with Joanna has been fantastic.”

Working Adult

“She made the information very understandable and easy to remember! She is so kind and patient”

College Student
New York State

“Joanna has been incredibly helpful with preparing me for job interviews. With her professional experience and expertise, she has helped me to prepare for positions in educational leadership. She has built my confidence by helping me prepare answers for interview questions that are on point, while also helping me overcome the nervousness that comes with attending interviews. I really appreciate her enthusiastic and supportive attitude. I have already landed my first position in school leadership, with her help. We are now working on the next level! So happy to have found such a great tutor! Thank you, Joanna!”

Working Adult