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Every level of education requires a unique set of skills all of which can be taught through training and practice and underperforming students can learn to equip themselves for these academic challenges.

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Dr. Abramo coaches students on techniques they can deploy throughout their schooling, offers guidance through the ins and outs of institutions, provides the necessary tutoring to supplement their scholastic need, and connects directly with clients through remote tools.

“I highly recommend her as a tutor, especially because she makes you feel like her friend and brings levity to each session. My experience with Joanna has been fantastic.”
Working professional

Assistance At Any Level

Dr. Abramo has taught in primary schools and in college classrooms. She has the experience to guide you or your child through each level of their education and into a professional career.

Primary Education

  • Executive Function coaching
  • Study Skills
  • Academic coaching

College Preparation

  • College counseling
  • Standardized testing
  • College application guidance

College Success

  • Career Coaching
  • Coursework Assistance
  • Essay writing

Executive Functioning

Executive function skills allow people to plan, set, and achieve goals. These skills include self-control, motivation, and remaining focused in distracting environments. 

Dr. Abramo will help your child with techniques to build Executive Function skills.

Executive Functions are Learned Skills.

Coaching Your Career Forward

Whether you are just starting out in your career or have years of professional experience, the workplace presents a variety of challenges, particularly for applicants with unique needs. Dr. Abramo is a Board Certified Coach and has a Life and Career Coaching Organizational Leadership concentration from Rider University.

Career LaunchES

  • Improve your job application and resume
  • Learn how to find and research potential jobs
  • Connect with hiring managers in meaningful ways

Career Advancement

  • Learn to manage your time improving performance
  • Have better relationships at work
  • Avoid stressors and other triggers

Career Transition

  • Explore alternative career paths
  • Discover more satisfying opportunities
  • Understand necessary qualifications to make a change