Middle & High School Students

How We Can Help Your Middle School or High School Student

Primary school students face a unique set of challenges balancing rigorous schedules and the pressure of applying to college.

Dr. Abramo has twenty-years experience navigating the bureaucracy of these institutions and can prepare students for success in the process. 

A young woman learning study techniques to improve her academic performance, by George Dolgikh, via Pexels

Success In School

  • Understanding available resources for students with diverse needs
  • Teaching methods and techniques to study and retain materials
  • Tutoring concepts to augment school lessons

College Prep

  • Guiding a student through the college application process 
  • Enhancing college essays
  • Instructing students with diverse needs in techniques for testing success 

College & University Students

How We Can Help Your College Student

College provides students new freedoms and less structure. For many students, this transition is marked by anxiety and disarray as they acclimate.

As a professor and career coach, Dr. Abramo understands how to maximize the return of the complexities of university institutions.

A young college student ready to tackle her challenging course load after some tutoring and coaching and new skills, Andrea piacquadio, via Pexels

Easing the Transition

  • Teaching students how to structure their schedule.
  • Improving organization and time management 
  • Accessing resources provided by the institution 

Looking Ahead 

  • Guiding students toward graduating on-time
  • Understanding career paths  
  • Preparing for job interviews and entering the workforce 

Guidance & Coaching for

How We Can Help Your Career

Each step of your career can improve with a set of skills that can be taught through training and practice. Professionals can learn to equip themselves for these every workplace challenge. 

Dr. Abramo coaches professionals on techniques they can deploy throughout their careers, from landing their first job, leveling up to a leadership position, and making the transition to a whole new career track. She provides the guidance to unlock success in professional settings connecting directly with clients through remote tools.

A young job candidate is giving an interview, Tima Miroshnichenko via Pexels


  • Improve your job application and resume
  • Learn how to find and research potential jobs
  • Connect with hiring managers in meaningful ways

Career Advancement

  • Learn to manage your time improving performance
  • Have better relationships at work
  • Avoid stressors and other triggers

Career Transition

  • Explore alternative career paths
  • Discover more satisfying opportunities
  • Understand necessary qualifications to make a change