Case Studies


New York City




Morgan attends a mainstream liberal arts college. The college offers comprehensive learning support. Even though Morgan works hard and engages in the support program, she found the transition to college a challenge.  

Morgan has a language-based learning disability. She struggles most with reading comprehension, writing, and exam taking, and these challenges impacted her grades during her first semester. She considered dropping out of college until her parent suggested contacting an academic coach.  


Dr. Abramo created for Morgan a customized time management system combining paper and electronic strategies. She instructed Morgan in self-advocacy practices and how to improve communication skills in academic and personal situations. 

Over the course of the engagement, Dr. Abramo aimed to build Morgan’s confidence and taught her basic life skills, focused on decision-making. The curriculum was designed to transition Morgan into a thriving independent adult. 


Morgan is finishing her second semester of college with a greater than 3.0 GPA. She’s taken on more personal responsibility and independence. Using the techniques she learned, Morgan is thriving. 

"Joanna provides comprehensive special education tutoring for our eight-year-old son. Her thoughtful and wise recommendations and guidance has improved his academic engagement and tolerance, and given us language and strategies to impact his public school’s individualized education program."
Parent of Child with Disabilities