Case Studies

Anonymous College Student





A young woman enrolled in a business program at one of Canada’s top universities suddenly found her second year of education a lot more difficult. The results on her midterm exams didn’t reflect the effort she put into studying. 

Before her situation grew any more dire, her parent reached out to Dr. Abramo requesting professional help.


Dr. Abramo recognized the student’s need for learning academic fundamentals. The first step was teaching and then practicing foundational tool sets like note taking and study skills. The next step was to assist the student in determining in what areas her skills needed improvement, setting achievement goals, and then guiding her toward success. 

Finally, Dr. Abramo created a personalized support system focused on tackling the student’s procrastination and improving her time management.


She increased her confidence in study skills and test taking. She is still in college continuing to work towards her degree.

“Joanna has been incredibly helpful with preparing me for job interviews. With her professional experience and expertise, she has helped me to prepare for positions in educational leadership. She has built my confidence by helping me prepare answers for interview questions that are on point, while also helping me overcome the nervousness that comes with attending interviews. I really appreciate her enthusiastic and supportive attitude. I have already landed my first position in school leadership, with her help. We are now working on the next level! So happy to have found such a great tutor! Thank you, Joanna!”