Case Studies




High School


Natalie is a high school student diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia. Even with medication, she has difficulty with basic executive functions contributing to problems with time management, procrastination, and perfectionism. Ultimately, her disability led to school phobia.


Dr. Abramo taught Natalie how to break down complex assignments into smaller assignments to encourage task initiation and discourage procrastination. Throughout the process, Dr. Abramo compiled lists of assignments and tracked Natalie’s results, guided her as she progressed and acknowledged her successes. 

To fulfill the long-term goal of controlling Natalie’s perfectionism, Dr. Abramo crafted a bespoke, systematic management plan. She also facilitated communication between Natalie and her family members improving her relationships at home. 


By managing her ADHD, Natalie has started building a toolkit to assist in her executive functioning decisions. She has better time management, and better understands the difference between finished and perfect. Natalie was accepted to a four-year college in 2023. She intends to major in Engineering. 

“I highly recommend her as a tutor, especially because she makes you feel like her friend and brings levity to each session. My experience with Joanna has been fantastic.”
Working professional